Directions to Bath House Cultural Center, White Rock Lake

For 2024, ABCDE will be held at BATH HOUSE CULTURAL CENTER, White Rock Lake Park, 521 E. Lawther Dr, Dallas. Click here for driving directions.

Look for the British flags at the intersections of Buckner Blvd and Northcliff Dr, and follow signs to the Bath House Cultural Center.  Show where staff will ask for your last name on the Pre-Registration list and then will let you pass.

Only SHOW vehicles are allowed to drive to show field. Spectators may park on Lake Highlands or at Dreyfuss Club Point and walk up to the Bath House.

Please drive SLOW and beware of cyclists, runners and walkers.

Trailer Parking – White Rock Lake Park is a public park. Trailer parking can be along Stone Table’s  E. Lawther on the shoulder, or at Big Thicket parking.

When you get to Bath House Cultural Center

  • PLEASE DRIVE SLOW – there is pedestrian and cyclist traffic.
  • FIELD MARSHALS will direct you to your CLASS, please park in your vehicle’s correct class. Help others park too. Please, no parking on the grass. We are limited on parking spaces, so don’t take up more space then necessary.
  • TRAILERS – trailer parking is at Big Thicket, WRLP (see map).
  • HANDICAPPED PARKING – there is a designated area for Handicapped Parking at Bath House Cultural Center. Must have a current HC placard. ABCDE Staff will direct you to parking.
  • CAR CLUB CANOPIES & SETUP – please setup canopies on the grassy islands and not on the pavement.


Please walk on the RIGHT side as cyclist pass on the left. Signage will be posted to encourage cyclists to SLOW DOWN. Since White Rock Lake is a public owned venue, we cannot blockade E. Lawther to pedestrians or cyclists.

Bath House Cultural Center Class Layout

White Rock Lake Park & Trail map

White Rock Lake Park map